Monday, October 23, 2006

Blown Away By Owner Financing!

Why does one property sit and another sell? Both properties are priced similar and one sits while the other sells. On the surface this sounds strange, but not when one considers that seller held second mortgage can make or break a real estate transaction. Take for example, a 20% seller held secon mortgage. This provides substantial benefit for a buyer in a buyer's market.

Such a buyer may find that a seller held second mortgage can assist someone with financing real estate. Yes, this is a benefit to a buyer with little or no money down. let's look at a situation where a seller is trying to sell a property fast and doesn't want to let the property sit any longer than needed. In such a case, a seller held second mortgage is quite a benefit and this not only to the seller, but to the buyer as well. This of course, is most beneficial to real estate agents and the real estate marketplace overall.

To conclude, the seller held second mortgage is a viable option for many buyers and sellers in today's buyer's market. Buy now with a seller held second mortgage while you can. I am sure that markets go from one way to another way and the way that it seems to be at the moment makes it beneficial to sell witha seller held second mortgage.

Seller Helps Buyer


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Excellent post! Are you in the 3rd grade or 4th?

Give me a break with your shameless self promotion. Why don't you get an advertising budget and spend some real money on a marketing campaign. By the way, I went to your Seller Second Mortgage site. It's probably the lousiest site on the internet. Here's some friendly advice: get some writing skills, get a marketing budget, and come back when you have graduated high school.

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