Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Owner Financed Property

The most amazing housing phenomenon just occured to me on real estate street. This is quite possibly the biggest real estate financing breakthrough since the mortgage was first developed. Now, don't get me wrong, there have been many types of mortgage creations over the past few decades, but this one takes the real estate cake. It's like a page out of a real estate professors book. Ok, pay attention all of you mortgage, real estate, investors, buyers sellers and so and on - for here is what you need to know about owner financing.

A brand new single family home or condo invention per se. One might consider that real estat financing has been around for some time and there is nothing new that hasn't been before. This may be true at first real estate glance, but consider that real estate and the internet are still in their infancy. Owner finaning, know by many names: seller second, seller financing, seller financed second, second mortgage held by seller and so forth. These are th beginning of how the owner fiancing has developed into a real estate bonanza of sorts. There are many places that we could drive in a real estate area only to find that real estate is relatively high preiced in many areas. Sellers are attempting to list their homes with real estate agents but the buyers are few and far between.

Consider emerging markets as a potention source for real estate buyers. This can account for some future buying activity in the real estate world but mortgage loans can be tough to qualify for. The answer can be found in the sale's concession and in the seller held second mortgage of course. A seller held second mortgage involves a seller agreeing to hold financing for a buyer to assist them in qualiying for the purchase price. This seller financing is also called a seller held second mortgage or owner financing. I have seen that there are very few places that will advertise the seller financing or owner finced properties for sale. This should not be. The solution can be found at seller financing.

There can also be owner financed real estate for buyers in many areas. Take real estate in your town or city for example. You may find that your county may be located on seller financing and seller held second mortgages and this may assista you to put together a real estate transaction. You may want to finance real estate with seller financing at an interest rate that is appropriate for a seller held second. For more information on owner financed properties, please visit seller financed.

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OK pal, I see that you like writing about seller held seconds and owner financing and all and all, but what if someone wants to buy real estate with owner financing. You neglected to tell us where we could go.

I'll check back to see what you recommend for us :)

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