Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Bird That Sang A Logve Song Called 'Credit Repair'

i was awoken this morning by a bird that was saying "Credit Repair" on my windowsill. I was in that state, you know, half awake and half asleep and I distictly heard "credit repar". So my dream continued and added some credit repair nuances into it. There I was looking at my credit report - in my dream - and my credit score was horrific. "Credit Repair - Credit Repair" was what I was hearing and then I suddenly woke up and sat up in bed.

Oh - it's the credit repair bird at my windowsill. My beagle was bird-dogging the canary in the window. Incidentally my beagle's name is FICO score. So FICO score was staring at the bird saying "credit Repair" and then the bird flew away.

The bird returned a few minutes later with a piece of paper that it dropped on my windowsill. This is where the story gets really strange. The piece of paper was a loan approval from teh bank and it had my name on it. And whaddya know, my credit score was an 800 after all. So I guess all of that credit repair really helped to improve my credit score.

I love a happy free credit repair ending. Thanks for bearing with me on this credit repair free story. Until next time, keep you FICO score high and your bankruptcy low. Beacon! Beacon!


Blogger Housing & Construction said...

I am most certain that you made that credit repair story up. And it was a stinker.

5:14 PM  

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