Monday, November 06, 2006

Credit Restoration and Credit Repair - Both are FREE

I'm not sure why people call it credit restoration? Perhaps it's because there has been a stigma attached to the terminology 'credit repair'. There certainly are some credit repair snake oil salesman out there. In my book, there is only one way to do credit repair and that is free. In case you missed it - fre credit repair free is the only way to do credit repair or credit restoration.

Of course, this means that the credit repair will largely be completed by the consumer. The only thing that the consumer needs is some good credit restoration information and a place to go to ask questions when the going gets tough. Problem is that most places on the internet are selleing credit repair services and for reasons already discussed, there is no need to pay for these credit repair services.

You cand get difficult questions answered at credit repair free and by credit repair experts.

Also, fix your credit report after a bankruptcy with bankruptcy credit repair.


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