Thursday, November 02, 2006

Free Credit Repair Is Here To Stay

Free credit repair is here to stay. This is good news for the free credit repair fans. This is even better than a credit score tournament. You can fix bad credit and eat some soup. Soup is somewhat costly when you finance it on a credit card and this is whether the card is secured or unsecured. let's look at free cred repair a little more closely (under a FICO score maginfying glass).

Oh, there it is! Free credit repair. I can almost see the trade lines and the credit scores now. A little closer and I can make out the credit factors that are a function of the algorithm used by Equifax in determining the risk factors associated with the rapir rescore. Now once again, I will open my FICO score goggles to see if this free credit restoration is really what is charging off on the credit report.

R9: the code for a charged off account. Then I see that it is sold to a collection agency. What's next? Free credit repair of course, and this is better than a reposession or a bankruptcy filing.

For more information on free credit repair, please check out repairing bad credit.


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My 3rd grade son writes better than you and you don't know a thing about Free Credit Repair

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