Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Most Interesting Free Tool - The Online Credit Repair Seminar

What a fascinating idea I thought. An online credit repair seminar that is free. I've watched it and was a little skeptical because I suspected they were going to sell me something and then they didn't try to sell anything. This is really a free seminar. The seminar was 30 minutes and this was copied of the registration email and this is what was explained in detail at the seminar:

(1) Why errors exist on credit reports
(2) How to obtain a copy of your free credit report
(3) The proper way to dispute inaccurate items
(4) How to re-age a derogatory account to delete the derogatory history
(5) How to remove collection accounts from your bureau
(6) How to improve your credit score even if you have no bad credit

The best part about it is that the seminar is online and free. You can register and watch it anytime you want. The only thing is the speaker is obviously not a public speaker (and rather boring) but the information is there and that is what is important.

The regsitration is free credit repair seminar


Blogger Housing & Construction said...

Listen pal, I don't know who you think you are foolin' but we all know that you are just shamelessly promoting your own seminar with this 'housingandconstruction' blog. Give me a break. DO you suffer from some type of delusional personality disorder or what? No one wants to see your Free Credit Repair Seminar or learn about how to fix bad credit and what kind of name is BROKEN CREDIT anyway? I bet that describes your lousy credit. Maybe you should watch your own seminar. Why don't you get a real website like Seller Helps Buyer? I'll check back on your website later and see if you EVER post something with SUBSTANCE on your housingandconstruction blog. OK, take this as constructive criticism. OK? Bye.

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